Office Opossums created by Eric MacD
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You Talkin' To Me?

Let's Face It


Q: Do opossums really work in office buildings?
A: Look around you. There's one interviewing for your job right now.

Q: Are they really from North America?
A: Originally, but they have embraced the idea of being part of the global economy.

Q: Are they marsupials?
A: That's a very personal question. When did you get so brassy?

Q: What's a prehensile tail?
A: An extra appendage for work that we don't have to compensate them for in their salaries.

Q: Will there be a quiz at the end of this?
A: Maybe....

Q: I like this cartoon. It makes me feel less alone. Who can I thank?
A: The Opossums welcome you, and will see you at the convention next Spring. The Opossums are your colleagues. But don't get too close. Opossums have mouths brimming with razor sharp teeth.
The toon was created by illustrator & graphic designer Eric MacDicken and written with long-time creative collaborator, writer and editor Mark Stencel. And they'd like to thank their supportive and talented friends!

Q: Aren't you spelling "Oppossums" wrong?
A: Seriously? Two P's? Didn't even place in the school Spelling Bee, didja?

Q: Do opossums make good pets?
A: Don't all mammals? But truthfully, we at OOHQ believe that all living things should be allowed to live free, in their own natural environments... office buildings, cubicles, conference rooms, what-have-you.

Q: Why do Office Opossums like coffee so much?
A: Silly child. You'll understand when you are older and you have sold your dreams down the river for a 70-hour work week job with the salary equivalent of 30 hours and no chance of parole.... um, we mean "advancement."

Now.... pencils up! Pass your papers forward and remember that this score counts toward your performance evaluation.

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