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Most Requested Office Opossums™ Item(s):
"More stuff with The Corp characters" on them.

OOHQ: Bob, Emily, Duncan and Travis are on Stuff now at CafePress!

Most Emailed Question:
Is The Corp Dot Com™ accepting resumés?

OOHQ: Yes. They just ask that you drop it off in person during irregular business hours.


Hell yes add me to the e-mail list. Nice work.
  – R.T., NC

Hoooray!! Welcome to Facebook!
  – A.N., NYC

HD opossums?! I love it. Looks great on my iPhone!
  – I.J.

These are great! We need more opossum cartoons.
  – L.T.

Funny - love the possums (the office ones - not the one on my front porch eating my cat's food at night) - keep up the good work!
  – S.H.

I like the animation style. It's like Hanna-Barbera meets South Park!
  – D.G.

I don't know what it was about "Where's Travis", but I really loved it, and laughed every time the crash sounded.
  – R.A.M.

That (game demo) is really cool. Kind of has the 80's Atari feel.
  – C.P., VA

I can relate to the Office Opossums content so much that its scary. But very good!
  – E.L.

Wow! There's a lot of stuff on the officeopposums site now.
Who knew that piranhas liked to chew on nipples!
  – R.W.

I must say these are wonderful. I liked them so much that I forwarded the website to all my friends!
  – G.S.B.

"Bob Can Has Java Joos?!"
I can has too! Hilarious.
  – H.P.

I like the "Don't play opossum with opossums" cartoon.
Keep them coming!
  – J.J.

I LOVE IT! I was laughing out loud!! Please add me to your list!!!
Love it!!
  – M.H.

Them be the CUTE-est. Marsupials. Evar.
  – M.C.

I LOVE the wind-blowing sound effect in the Company Picnic one! Makes me chuckle every time.
And on the Remoticon Operators Manual, the "aggressive aggressiveness" as well as Remoticon's "usefulness in Assessments" are hysterical!
  – R.V.

Aww, they're cute!
  – D.T.

Love it!
  – C.P.. NH

Baby stuff! Perfect for my little 'possum! I know what I'm getting Me for Mother's Day!
  – S.W.

Woo hoo!!! The Office Opossums are great! Awesome! Yay!!
  – M.M.

I absolutely love the Office Opossums and The Corp. Hilarious and so creative!
  – A.B.

I'm looking forward to paroozing more and forwarding to my friends!
  – J.N.M.

Who knew opossums were so cute?! I just wanna hug 'em!
  – S.K.

Super fun!
  – R.T., VA

"our standards change with our needs"? That's hysterical.
Can't I buy something with an opossum on it?
This is hysterical and brilliant!!!! And about time.
  – A.N.N.

Smart. Funny. Addictive.
  – B.B.

Very cute and awesome to hear the voices. ;)
  – L.J.

Yay!! Congrats, you guys! :D
  – L.H.

I want to be invited to the next The Corp Dot Com company picnic.
  – H.T.

Congratulations! May the praise, merchandising, licensing, and offers to purchase subsidiary rights commence!
  – B.T.G.

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